Dale, Henry

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HENRY DALE 1849 - 1910

Henry Dale was an American from Poughkeepsie, New York. His parents were Gerald F. Dale (1816 – 1886) and Elizabeth Sparhawk Dale (1820 – 1907), and he had two older siblings, Elizabeth and Gerald, as well as a younger brother, Chalmers.
It is not known how Henry Dale came to Tadoussac but he bought a great deal of land here. He owned Dufferin House and referred to it as ‘The Cottage.’ His gardens were above the house where the school now stands, and one must assume that his stables were there also.
He also owned land extending from the eastern boundary of Dwight Park out to Pointe Rouge, much of which is now known as Languedoc Park. The stone gate in front of the Evans’ ‘Windward Cottage’ was the original entrance to Dwight Park which extended up the hill to Languedoc Park. The road in to the Park opposite the golf club was known as Dale Drive, so this must have been the division between the two (American owned) parks.
Henry Dale had a carriage road going down to Pointe Rouge where, with horse and carriage, he is said to have circled the ‘fairy circle’ each morning and returned home for breakfast.
In 1911, after Henry's death, his estate sold Dufferin House to Robert Harcourt Carington Smith and around the same time sold the land above Pointe Rouge to Erie Russell Janes (wife of Francois Errol de Guerry Languedoc) who designed and built ‘Amberley,’ the cottage later purchased by Adelaide Gomer of Ithaca, New York.
While Henry owned the park, he planted alder bushes to keep the sand from blowing and to provide shelter for other seedlings.
Ainslie Steven wasn't completely sure of the names but believed that Henry was married to Elizabeth Ramsen (Keroy) Dale and that they had a daughter, Katrine Livingston Dale.

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