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Evans, Maria Stewart

Dean Evans's first wife, but what else can we find??


Evans, Marie Stewart 1850 - 1903

She was the first wife of Dean Lewis Evans so the mother of Trevor Evans and grandmother of Ainslie Stephen, Phoebe Skutezky, and Trevor and Tim Evans.
Said to have the nick-name “Mae the Flirt” (!)
Described as Maria in her birth record, and Marie in the marriage index, (It says Marie on her plaque) her full name was Maria Stewart Bethune, born August 20 1840, the second of four children (all girls) of Strachan Bethune (1821-1910) and Maria MacLean Phillips (1826-1901).
In 1873 at the age of 23, Maria Stewart Bethune married Dean Thomas Frye Lewis Evans (1845-1920) (he was one of 12 children of an Irish rector called Francis Evans).

Dean T.F. Lewis Evans and Maria Stewart Bethune had 5 children: Harry Basil Ashton (1873 – 1958), Muriel Maye (1877 – 1952) Trevor Ainslie (1878 or 9 – 1938 or 9), Cyril Lewis (1882 or 3 – 1887), Ruby Bethune (1885 – 1947). The Dean had a sixth child, Lewis Evans, with his second wife Emily, also a Bethune.

In 1903 she (Maria) died at age 63 and is buried in Mount Royal Cemetery.

Alan Evans

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