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There have been many artists in the families over the years, and of course the subject was often Tadoussac!

If you would like add paintings/art of Tadoussac that you have, or that you have done yourself, please send them along!

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Il y a eu de nombreux artistes dans les familles au cours des années, et bien sûr le sujet était souvent Tadoussac!

Si vous souhaitez ajouter peintures / art de Tadoussac que vous avez, ou que vous avez fait vous-même, s'il vous plaît envoyez-moi des photos!

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      R. Lewis Evans was an English Teacher who loved to write. Although his books are quite well-known, his short stories and articles belong mostly to the more distant past. It was during the 1940s and 1950s that magazine short stories were popular and sought after and Dad wrote over 20 of them. Most were published, and many are of interest especially to those of us who know and love the Lower St. Lawrence and Saguenay areas of Quebec, so I decided to get them out of the file and onto the web-site where they can be read once again.

      I've divided the stories into categories. While he wrote mostly river stories about the Tadoussac area, including some historical fiction, he also wrote 6 stories about World War II (4 of which overlap with our beloved river), and a number of odd inspirations, one biblical, several inspired by newspaper items, and even one (gasp!) Science Fiction. There are also some non-fiction articles which will be coming along later in the year. I love them all partly because he wrote about what he loved and I love it too, but partly because his characters are thoughtful, compassionate and real.

      I've included a few notes that he kept in the file. Some are news articles he drew his ideas from; others are comments he received from editors either printed in the magazine or sent along to him separately. I've also tried to reproduce the illustrations, duly credited, as all the stories that published were supported by visual art. Only one, Casual Enemy, has no illustrator mentioned. My guess is he drew that one himself.

      I've read all these stories several times in my efforts to get them up onto the web-site correctly and I've never tired of them. I hope you enjoy them.

      A fair warning: some readers might recognize a few people!

                                                                                                                           Alan Evans


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