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Evans to Fitzmaurice, Wikipedia, and a visit to the family ruins in Ireland!

Warning - Contains obscure details of ancestors that may not even be yours

This starts with someone we know, Thomas Frye Lewis Evans, the Dean, who was born in 1846 and came to Tadoussac to be our Protestant Minister from the 1890's until his death in 1919. He married twice, May Bethune

(> Trevor Evans m Dorothy Rhodes > Phoebe Evans Skutezky & Ainslie Evans Stephen & Trevor Evans & Tim Evans> 

and then he married Emily Evans

(> R Lewis Evans m Betty Morewood > Anne, Lewis, Tom, Alan Evans).

Dean Lewis Evans' father was Francis Evans, born in 1803 in Ireland in the house shown here, which still exists.   >>>>>


Francis Evans came to Canada in about 1830 with his wife Maria Lewis, and had a parish in southern Ontario, near Simcoe.


The Evans family came to Ireland from England in about 1600 (Robert Evans).





Following a different line, I found other much older Irish ancestors. 


William Fitzmaurice 1633-1697 was the Baron of Kerry in Ireland, my  6-great grandfather (you have about 250 6-great grandparents) and he had a house that is now a very cool RUIN.




Keep going, you're coming to the good part...


So we're descended from all those Barons of Kerry through the FEMALE line

All Daughters

C Fitzmaurice

Margery Cox

Mary Gabbett

Mary-Anne Thomas married

Nicholas EVANS


(Minor detail you can skip>>

Unfortunately we jump out of the line just as they made it to EARL, Thomas Fitzmaurice in 1723 (he'd be my 5-great uncle). The Earls of Kerry seem to have moved back to England and have a pile in Wiltshire. Some have been british politicians including Lord Lansdowne who was GG of Canada 1883-1888 (a cousin!).

Anyway in Wiki there's tons of stuff about all the Earls






















The HOUSE, now a RUIN is in LIXNAW, Kerry, near Tralee, Ireland.  As it says here they lived in this house for 500 years until it FELL INTO RUIN 1700's



So I went there (June 2015). It's a very cool site, some curious cows and a few electric fences! 

In need of repairs.

The Interior - the Living Room?


Probably the Stairs

Out in the back, a cute Gazebo, with a strange tunnel underneath. There were badger holes nearby so I didn't go in...

The Family Tree?

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