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Été à Tadoussac Summer

1920-1940    Page 5 of 7

Saguenay Trips             Des excursions sur le Saguenay

1927 Picnic at Petites Isles                                                Lennox Williams and friends

Jack Wallace Sr

1934 Trip to the Capes

?, Jean Alexander (Aylan-Parker), ?, 

Ainslie Evans (Stephen) & Trevor Evans,

Back Jack Wallace and Frank Morewood

Bill & Betty Morewood (Evans)

Phoebe Evans (Skutezky) at right

Trevor, Jack, Betty, Ainslie, Frank

My mother Age 12 in 1934>>

At the wharf in Tadoussac                                                Au Quai de Tadoussac

Bill and Betty Morewood, Jack Wallace

1935 Trip to... Islet Rouge!?

Susie Russell

Ainslie Evans (Stephen)
Betty Morewood (Evans)

Frances Holland

Phoebe Evans (Skutezky)

and others

My parents in 1935


Lewis Evans age 24

Betty Morewood age 13


They married in 1944!


Above   Lennox Williams

Below Frank Morewood and Captain Donat Therrien

1935    Uncle Art taking the girls for a trip


Peg, Mac?

Gertrude (Williams) Alexander

Ron Alexander Sr

Jean Alexander (Aylan-Parker)




The Mountain above Petits Isles


Sur la Montagne à Petits Isles

1936   Lewis Evans with all the girls,  and below, sculling


Ainslie Evans (Stephen)

Betty Morewood (Evans)


LilyBell Rhodes

Phoebe Evans (Skutezky)

Jean Alexander (Aylan-Parker)

1939  Lewis Evans and the "Noroua"

1940  The "White Boat" with no life jackets!        pas de gilets de sauvetage!

Harry Morewood

Jimmy Williams

Simon Wallace (no relation)

Joan Williams (Ballantyne)

Frank Morewood

Susan Williams (Webster)

Jennifer and Delia Tudor-Hart

Bobby Morewood


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