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Été à Tadoussac Summer

1920-1940    Page 3 of 7

Picnics and the Beaches          Pique-nique et les Plages

Above Adele Languedoc

At right Elizabeth Stevenson (O'Neill),

Adele Languedoc, Grace Scott,

Margaret Stevenson (Reilley) and others

Circa 1928

Above Haycart ride to the Dunes

Below Billy Morewood building dams with Jack Wallace,

Phoebe Evans (Skutezky)

and Ainslie Evans (Stephen)

Circa 1927







Above and below Phoebe in front, with all the friends, 1930's


Above Betty Morewood (Evans) 

and Jean Alexander (Aylan Parker)

Below Jim Alexander


Above Phoebe and Betty at the lake


Above and below John Turcot,

and Jack Wallace   Circa 1934

Below Ainslie, ?, Betty, Phoebe, Trevor Evans, ?

Above and right  Jack and Doris (Carrington Smith) Molson

with Verity and Robin Molson




Below ?, Emily (Bethune) Evans, Robin Molson, R Lewis Evans, May Dawson and others

Below Elizabeth (Stevenson) O'Neill

   and Lionel O'Neill

Nan (Rhodes) Williams

Below  ?, Joan Williams (Ballantyne), Susan Williams (Webster), Michael Wallace

Left Jim, Susan and Joan Williams

Below Susan, ?, Joan and Jim Williams, ??  in the White Boat

Both photos  Pam Smith (McCarter), Verity Molson, Ann Smith (Van Alstyn)

1936  ?, Nan Wallace (Leggat)?, Elliot Turcot, ?, Boll Tyndale, Moulin Baude River?

1938  Nan Wallace (Leggat), Bill Fleming, Peggie Durnford, ?, Elliot Turcot, Bill Morewood, Helen Price, Ron Alexander, Michael Wallace

Frances Holland

Phoebe Evans (Skutezky)

Susie Russell

Betty Morewood (Evans)

Ainslie Evans (Stephen)

1937   ??, Betty Morewood (Evans), Bar Hampson (Alexander/Campbell), JohnTurcot, ???, Nan Wallace (Leggat), Elliott Turcot, Peggy Tyndale, ?

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