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Humphrys, Phyllis Frances

Died in 1974 so someone must remember her. Please let me know!


NOTE: We have almost no information. Who spent time with her? Who put the memorial plaque up? Any memories or even conjecture might be helpful.

Phyliss Frances Humphreys 1900 - 1974

Very little is known about Phyliss Frances Humphrys. Several people remember her name, but no details about her. It is thought that she first came to Tadoussac with the Languedoc's. She stayed with Adele Languedoc at Amberly, and sometimes with Grace Scott at Spruce Cliff.

She was born on August 8, 1900 in Ottawa, Ontario. Her father, Beauchamp, was 50 and her mother, Clara, was 38 when Phyliss was born. She had six brothers and two sisters. She died on May 28, 1974 in Ottawa and is buried in Beechwood Cemetery, the National Cemetery of Canada with her parents and siblings. Her mother Clara, was born in Quebec City in 1861, her father in Montreal in 1849. Several of her siblings were born in Manitoba. Her father died when she was one.

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