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McCarter, Douglas


G. Douglas McCarter 1935 – 1985

Doug was born to Mrs. G.A. (Edna Thakray) McCarter and Brig. General G.A. McCarter on May 13, 1935 in Ottawa, Ontario upon the return of the family from England in 1933. Doug’s older sister Sallie (Sara Jane) was born in Frimley, England while father “Nick” was in a course at the Staff College in Camberley at the time.
Doug enjoyed a happy childhood attending the Rockliffe Park Public School and quickly became the man of the house while his father was involved in the war effort. At the age of 11 Doug accompanied his parents to Victoria, B.C. where his father Nick retired due to ailing health. Doug finished his schooling there at Glenlyon School and University School. In 1952 he enrolled into the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario following in his father’s footsteps. Upon graduating RMC in 1956, Doug attended McGill University to complete his engineering degree. Doug spent the following summer in Chilliwack, B.C.
It was during this period at McGill that he met his future wife, Pam Smith, who was studying to be a nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, also in Montreal. After proposing to Pam in Tadoussac, Pam and Doug were married on August 23, 1958 at the Cathedral at Quebec City. Doug arranged for a full honour guard, all in RMC uniforms.
In the end, Doug chose not to pursue a military career like his father. He first accepted a position with Bell Telephone in Ottawa causing the two to move there. In 1960, their first child, (Robert Douglas) was born. Regrettably in 1961 Doug’s father died suddenly. A few weeks later their second son (William Arnold) was born. Finally, twins (Susan Elizabeth and Michael Guy) were born in 1963.
Shortly thereafter, Doug’s job took the family to Montreal where they found a home in Beaconsfield. In 1968 the family once again moved to Scarsdale, New York where Doug worked for a Canadian investment firm in Manhattan. Living in the suburbs, Doug became deeply involved in work and family. He coached soccer, was a Boy Scout leader, and taught Sunday School in addition to other functions at the Church of St. James the Less where at one time he also served as warden.
Eventually Doug’s professional life saw him move to Mutual of America and other investment companies in the heart of Manhattan.
On the twins’ 22nd birthday in 1985, while out running in preparation for one of many marathons he would run, Doug suffered a massive heart attack and died at home that day. He was a devoted husband and father.

Michael McCarter

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