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Yawls & Small Boats

Yoles et Petits Bateaux

L'Esperence and Laura 1890's

Benny Caron's "Laura" about 1901

About 1905 on the Terrien Yacht on the Saguenay - back - Frank Morewood, Bob Campbell (who is he?), Bobby Morewood, his mother Minnie Morewood, Kate VanIffland second wife of Armitage Rhodes.

Middle - Sidney Williams and Billy Morewood, Nan Rhodes Williams and Lennox Williams. Front - Charlie Rhodes, ?, Nancy Morewood and Mary Williams Wallace.






A l'époque 1905 sur le Yacht Terrien sur le Saguenay





A large Lower St Lawrence Yawl called the "Muriel", early 1900's

Un grand Yole Bas-St-Laurent appelé le "Muriel", au début des années 1900 

"Laura" was owned by Benny Caron and then Donat Therrien, here about 1910


"Laura" a été possédé par Benny Caron puis Donat Therrien, ici environ 1910

Donat and Phillippe Therrien

Doris Molson

A Trip to Cape Eternity in 1935

Un voyage à Cape Eternité en 1935 

Ainslie Evans (Stephen) and Betty Morewood (Evans)

Bill Morewood

Bill Morewood, Michael and Jack Wallace, Frank Morewood

Betty Morewood (Evans)

Ainslie Evans (Stephen)

Frank Morewood

Betty Morewood (Evans)

Jack Wallace

Bill Morewood

Ainslie Evans (Stephen) & Phoebe Evans (Skutezky)

A boat picnic in the late 1930's

Photos by Frank Morewood, with Betty (Evans) and Bill Morewood and others.

Un pique-nique en bateau dans les fin des années 1930

Photos par Frank Morewood, avec Betty (Evans) et Bill Morewood et d'autres. 

Lewis Evans et les filles 

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MORE Yawls and Small Boats 1940's-1970's





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PLUS Yoles et Petits Bateaux années 1940-années 1970



Bishop Lennox Williams

Lewis Evans' "Noroua" & "Bonne Chance"

Bailey's "Saguenayan" & Price's "Jamboree"

Leggatt's "GAL" and Evans' "ANNE"

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