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Price, Henry Ferrier


Henry Ferrier Price 1833-1898

Henry Price was born at Wolfesfield in Sillery, Quebec, the Price family estate acquired by his father, William Price, who had arrived from Wales in 1810 and began the wood-cutting operations on the Saguenay River that would later become Price Brothers. Henry was the fourth son of William and his mother, Jane Stewart, who was descended from Scottish supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie. They had fourteen children.
In 1849, Henry left Quebec for Chile to join his uncle, Richard Price, working in his business of cattle and horses. In 1866 he married Florence Stoker Rogerson who was born in Ireland in 1841. They settled on their “Estancia” in Talcahuano, Chile where all seven of their children were born: William, Henry Edward, Teresa Jane (Aunt Terry), Arthur John, Florence Mary (Aunt Flo Bradshaw), Frederick Courtnay, and Lewellyn.
In 1884 the family moved to Canada and settled in Toronto. The children were sent to different schools as they matured. William, the eldest, was sent to BCS in Lennoxville, Quebec for a year before going to school in England. He would later take over building Price Brothers and was knighted (Sir William). In Tadoussac, he rebuilt Fletcher Cottage for his family and after his father died, he built a house nearby for his mother which later became the Harry Price House. Henry Edward, the second son went to Trinity College, Port Hope as did Arthur. Fred and Lewellyn were sent to Ridley College, Ontario.
Henry Ferrier died in Toronto in 1898 and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. His wife, Florence, died in 1921 and is buried beside him.

Greville Price

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