The 18 Tadoussac Grandchildren

of William Rhodes and Anne Dunn

This is an amazing collection of photographs of the RHODES Family in Tadoussac, assembled from albums of many families. These folks are our ancestors, the people that enjoyed Tadoussac before we did. You  will have heard of most of them, and if you are 40+ maybe you knew them.


This page is LONG, hundreds of  photos. But it's PHOTOGRAPHS, not much reading involved! Take the time to get to know some great people.

This page introduces the older ancestors, the children of William and Anne Rhodes, but focuses on the 18 grandchildren who spent wonderful time in Tadoussac from the 1880's to the 1980's! 

Of the 18 only 8 have descendants, but there are now about 140 direct descendants who come to Tadoussac, and they have built 16 houses  in Tadoussac! You may be one!



Carrie Rhodes Morewood 1881

John Morewood1884

Frank Morewood1886

Catherine Rhodes 1888

Nancy Morewood 1888

Jimmy Williams 1888

Lily Bell Rhodes 1889

Mary Williams Wallace 1890

Charley Rhodes 1890

Gertrude Williams Alexander 1891

Isobel (Billy) Morewood 1891

Frances Rhodes 1892

Dorothy Rhodes Evans1892

Gertrude Rhodes1896

Bobby Morewood 1897

Sidney Williams 1899

Monica Rhodes1904

Armitage (Peter) Rhodes Hargreaves 1909

(Omitted from this list are 5 who died in infancy, and 9 children of Bob Rhodes who lived in the US and didn't come to Tadoussac, so the total is really about 32).

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Peter de Rodes came from France to England in about 1600

William Rhodes 1791-1869 and Ann Smith         -1827

lived in Bramhope Hall, England, near Leeds.

Their second son, William Rhodes, moved to Quebec in 1842. 

He married Anne Catherine Dunn in 1846, granddaughter of Thomas Dunn of Quebec.


The Rhodes Family lived at Benmore, Sillery, Quebec

They built a summer cottage "Brynhyfryd" in Tadoussac in 1860, which was constantly expanded to accomodate the growing family.

This is organized by family

First the PARENTS (the children of William Rhodes and Anne Dunn)


William Rhodes (Jr) 1851-1921

Caroline Hibler        1848-1929

William was the third oldest of the five Rhodes boys. He worked for the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, and travelled the world delivering and assembling locomotives. They had one daughter.

Carrie Rhodes Morewood 1881-1973 

The oldest Grandchild, she was born in Australia, and lived in Doylestown and Bryn Mayr (near Philadelphia), and with her son Bill and his family in New Jersey. She summered in Quebec at Benmore and Tadoussac, and married her first cousin Frank Morewood. She is my grandmother, I knew her well! A lovely lady.

Carrie, Frank, Bill and Betty(Evans) Morewood)

Harry Morewood 1855-1916

Minnie Rhodes    1857-1942​

Minnie was the 6th oldest of the Rhodes children, with 5 older brothers. The Morewood had 5 children, and much of the family lived at the Rhodes family home, Benmore in Quebec, until it was sold in the late 1940's. And of course summer in Tadoussac.

Frank Morewood  1886-1949 

Frank was an artist and architect, and designed several Tadoussac houses  (Windward, Brynhyfryd, Turcot). He married his first cousin Carrie (above) and is my grandfather. They had 2 children, Bill and Betty.









John Morewood 1884-1944

Nancy Morewood 1888-1946

Isobel (Billy) Morewood 1891-1977

at right

Meeting the boat in Anse a L'Eau

with her cousin/sister-in-law

Carrie Rhodes

circa 1910

Bobby Morewood 1897-1964

below, Bill and Ainslie Stephen,

Harry Bob and Frank Morewood, Phoebe

Morewood Family Photos

Left Bill Morewood and Aunt Billy Morewood


Aunt Margaret

Bill and Betty (Evans) Morewood Bobby Morewood

Godfrey Rhodes 1850-1932

Lily Jamison    1859-1939

Godfrey was second oldest, and he trained with his brother William in industrial mills in Pennsylvania. He inherited from his namesake, Uncle Godfrey Rhodes, and bought Cataraquai, a large estate in Sillery, Quebec,  next door to the Rhodes family home Benmore. They had one daughter Catherine.

Cataraquai in Quebec

Catherine Rhodes 1888-1972

Catherine was very interested in art and an artist herself.

She married Percival Tudor-Hart, a well known artist, and they built a large house in Tadoussac . He had two children from a previous marriage.

Catherine lived at Cataraquia her whole life.

Armitage Rhodes 1848-1909

Ida Alleman         1854-1893

Katie VonIffland  1867-1938

Armitage was the oldest, and had two children Charley and Dorothy (Dorsh) with his first wife, and two daughters with his second wife, Monica and Armitage (Peter). He lived at Benmore and spent a lot of time in Tadoussac at Brynhyfryd.

Above Charley Rhodes with his mother in Montreal

Charley Rhodes 1890-?

Below Charley Rhodes with Uncle Jimmy Rhodes at Benmore

Dorothy Rhodes Evans    1892-1977

at right Dorothy with

Katie (VonIffland) Rhodes

Below with Monica

Dorothy Rhodes married Trevor Evans, and they had four children, Phoebe, Ainslie, Trevor and Tim. They bought the cottage Ivanhoe

Dorothy (Dorsh) at right with a couple of her grandchildren Bill and Margie Stephen

early 1950's

at Hovington's Farm

Armitage Rhodes and his second wife, Katie VonIffland, with Monica

Below Monica Rhodes and her grandmother Anne (Dunn) Rhodes

Monica Rhodes1904-1985

Armitage (Peter) Rhodes Hargreaves 1909-1969

above Dorothy, Peter, Katie (VanIffland) Rhodes

above 1913 Peter with her grandmother MrsVonIffland

below  Katie (Von Iffland) Rhodes with Peter and Dorothy

Francis Rhodes  1853-1926

Totie LeMoine 1859-1941

Francis was the fourth oldest and married a Québec girl, Totie LeMoyne, of "Spencer Grange", near Benmore, outside Québec. He studied mining and they lived in the US until James LeMoyne died and they came back to  Quebec. They had 3 daughters, LilyBell, Frances and Gertrude.


Spencer Grange still exists,

at 1328, Avenue Duquet, Quebec


Lily Bell Rhodes 1889-1975

above Lily and Frances with their father Francis, at the sand dunes

Frances Rhodes 1892-1976

below 1916  at Spencer Grange

Lily LucyLogan MargaretPrice GertrudeWA

1950 LilyBell and another cousin, Margaret Robes in Boston

The third sister

Gertrude Rhodes1896-1926     She studied medicine and when she was an intern in a Denver hospital she got sick and died at the age of 30.

Nan Rhodes Williams with Lily and Gertrude, only one photo

Caroline Anne (Nan) Rhodes 1861-1937

Lennox Williams 1859-1958

Nan was the second daughter, seventh child in the Rhodes family. She married Lennox Williams who became Bishop of Quebec, they lived in Quebec City and had 4 children. Nan inherited Brynhyfryd from her parents.

Jim Williams 1888-1916

He is the oldest son of Lennox Williams and Nan Rhodes. Born in 1888, married Evelyn Meredith January 3, 1916. He was killed in the First World War at the Somme in November 18, 1916 at the age of 28. 

More photos at under the Williams Tab above

Mary Williams Wallace 1890 - 1989

Mary and Jack Wallace owned Brynhyfryd for many years.

They had one daughter Nan (Wallace) Leggat,

and two sons Jack and Michael Wallace.

~1907 MaryWallace with HarrietRoss

at left

Mary with

Robbie Leggat?

early 1950's

Gertrude Williams Alexander 1891-?

Gertrude married Gen. Ronald Alexander and they had three children, Jim Alexander, Jean (Alexander) Aylan-Parker, and Ron Alexander

above circa 1900

in front of Benmore

below circa 1907

with her aunt Minnie (Rhodes) Morewood and her granny Anne (Dunn) Rhodes

Canon Sidney Waldron Williams 1899-1972

Sidney Williams married Enid Price

and they had four children,

Joan, Susan, Jim and Sheila

at right

1913 Donat Therrien,

brother Jimmy and Sid

The Williams family

at Brynhyfryd

circa 1914







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