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Été à Tadoussac Summer

1920-1940    Page 7 of 7





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(More) Faces of Tadoussac     (Plus) Visages de Tadoussac


Lewis Evans

with his mother

Emily (Bethune) Evans

Jim and Jean Alexander with grandparents Nan (Rhodes) Williams and Lennox Williams,

                                                                                                      and with their mother Gertrude (Williams) Alexander

1925   Jack Wallace, Nan Wallace (Leggat), Jean Alexander (Aylan-Parker), Jim Alexander

Grace Scott

1925  Maye Hudspeth, Kae Evans

Isobel (Billy) Morewood




Ann Stevenson (Dewart)



Elizabeth Stevenson (O'Neill)

1926    Erie Languedoc in her garden  --  Note!  -- Stevenson cottage being built in the background

Smut the dog, Emily (Bethune) Evans, Kae Evans, the Stevenson sisters, Elizabeth (O'Neill) (note camera), Maggie (Reilley), Ann (Dewart), May Carrington Smith, Nan Gale  at Evans camp at Cap a Jack











1924-25   Dorothy (Rhodes) Evans, Trevor Evans, Phoebe Evans (Skutezky), Ainslie Evans (Stephen)

1927-28  with Trevor Evans Jr

1931 Evans family with Alfred Hovington, Kate Von Iffland, and at right Maye Hudspeth

1931 Evans family with Tim Evans (baby)

Kate Von Iffland, Muriel Evans (standing),

Monica Rhodes, Betty Morewood (Evans)

Lennox Williams with his wife Nan (Rhodes) Williams

and his son Sydney Williams

1933 Jean and Jim Alexander, Syndey Williams, Gertrude and General Ron Alexander, Percival Tudor-Hart, Jack Wallace


Mary (Williams) Wallace, Michael Wallace, Catherine Tudor-Hart,

Lennox and Nan Williams


Jack Wallace, ?, Betty Morewood (Evans), Bill Morewood, Michael Wallace,

?, ?, Phoebe Evans (Skutezky), Ainslie Evans (Stephen), ?


Mary (Williams) Wallace


Phoebe, Ainslie, Susie Russell, and Trevor Evans

1934 Iso (Price) & Guy & Ann (Van Alystyn) Smith

Elizabeth (Stevenson) and Lionel O'Neill

Helen Neilson

Maggie (Stevenson) Reilley

Catherine (Rhodes) and 

    Percival Tudor-Hart

Coosie Price

The Alexander family, Gertrude (Williams), Jim, Jean, and Gen Ron Alexander

Amatuer Theatre in the shed behind the upper Evans house

Standing - Jack Wallace, Jim Alexander, Ron Alexander, Jack Wallace

Mary Wallace, Nan Williams, Jean Alexander, Nan Wallace, ?, Lennox Williams, Gertrude Alexander

Sydney Williams, Jim Williams, Susan Williams (Webster), ?, Joan Williams (Ballantyne), Michael Wallace


Barbara Hampson (Alexander/Campbell)

1936  Jack Wallace, Jim and Jean Alexander,

Nan Wallace (Leggat), Michael Wallace,

Joan, Susan, and Jim Williams

1936   Standing Frank Morewood, Jim & Gertrude Alexander, ?, Sydney Williams

          Middle  Nan Williams, Henry and Helen Price, Lennox Williams, Enid (Price) and  Susan Williams

          Front   Nan Wallace, Joan Williams, Mary Wallace, Ron Alexander

1937 Bill Morewood, Ainslie Evans, Billy Morewood, Jean Alexander, Betty Morewood (Evans)

???,  Joan and Susan Williams

1937 Betty Morewood (Evans) and her parents

     Frank Morewood and Carrie (Rhodes) Morewood

The first summer for the new cottage


Le premier été pour le nouveau chalet

Robin Molson, ?, ?, Verity Molson, Joan Williams (Ballantyne)

Enid (Price) Williams with her children

Jim, Susan, and Joan Williams

and cousins Pam and Ann Smith

Pam Smith (McCarter)

1937 Prices, Smiths and Williams

Nan Wallace, Peggy T., Betty Morewood, Susie Russell, Joan Shaw, Mary Del Robertson, Mary Fowler, Jean Alexander, Jean?

Bar Hampson, Helen Davis, Peggie Durnford, Mabel Warburton, Ainslie Evans

Mary Hampson (Price), Ted Price, Mary Fowler

Nan Wallace (Leggat)

Jack Molson, Doris (Carrington Smith) Molson, Arthur Price

Susan Williams, Ann Smith, Joan and Sheila Williams, Pam Smith, Jim Williams

Bill Stephen

Verity Molson, Eve, Ann and Pam Smith

1941 Sheila Williams (Campbell) and Penny Smith (Younger)

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L'été à Tadoussac




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