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St Etienne 

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St Etienne


St Etienne  1883-1900

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Great Fire on the Saguenay

Forty Families Homeless


A dispatch announces that a big fire has ravaged the village of St Etienne, on the Saguenay, and that forty families are homeless. The telegraph office was also set on fire, making it more difficult to obtain full details, the distance being sixteen miles. The captain of the "Saguenay" boat was asked to stop at St-Etienne and transport homeless people to St-Alexis de Chicoutimi.



The large establishment of Price Brothers & Co, wood merchants of St-Etienne, was completely destroyed by fire this afternoon. The losses are considerable and include nearly 200,000 feet of trade lumber, stores and most of the docks. A schooner and two boats which were at the wharf were also destroyed. Forty families are homeless as a result of the conflagration and find themselves running out of food and even clothing. Most of the fires were in the sawmills. It is believed that the fire was started by reckless settlers. Losses are estimated between $350,000 and $ 400,000.

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The steamer  "Saguenay"


Today St Etienne is a popular picnic spot, accessible by road, and there are remains of the old wharfs in the stream.

Aujourd'hui, St Etienne est un lieu de pique-nique populaire, accessible par la route, et il reste des vestiges des anciens quais dans le ruisseau.


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Before all this.....

The Rhodes family had a summer cottage in Tadoussac, and they would row up the Saguenay and camp and fish! The fishing was very good, and St Etienne was a favourite spot. Godfrey Rhodes wrote about it in his diary from 1865.

Avant tout ça.....

La famille Rhodes avait un chalet d'été à Tadoussac, et ils ramaient un bateau sur le Saguenay, campaient et pêchaient ! La pêche était très bonne, et St Etienne était un endroit préféré. Godfrey Rhodes a écrit à ce sujet dans son journal de 1865.


Pointe à la Croix


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