Dean Lewis Evans

May Bethune and Emily Bethune

Family Tree
Evans Bethune Crooks Ewart Price Molson Carrington-Smith and others


The Evans family is in the middle. Dean Lewis Evans married twice, and his wives were second cousins.

May Bethune is the mother of Trevor Evans (1879), who married Dorothy Rhodes, parents of Phoebe, Ainslie, Trevor and Tim. 

After May died Lewis Evans Sr married Emily Bethune, 20 years younger, and they surprised everyone with another Lewis Evans(1911) (Emily was 45, Lewis Evans was 65!)

Dad's half-brothers were a generation older, he even had a half-nephew who was older than he was.







A famous name on the tree is Norman Bethune, Canadian physician and medical innovator. He is best known for his service in war time medical units during the Spanish Civil War and with the Communist Eighth Route Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War.








When Lewis Evans married Betty Morewood in 1944 it was the second Evans-Rhodes marriage. 25 years earlier his half-brother Trevor had married Dorothy Rhodes, who was first cousin to Betty's mother Carrie Rhodes Morewood!

Got it?








Emily Bethune's mother was  a Ewart, and her grandmother was a Crooks. 


One relative is John Price (not related to the Quebec/Tadoussac Prices), Dad's second cousin, who came to Canada from Scotland to go to medical school at McGill in the 1950's, and he often stayed with us in Tadoussac. He married Nancy Beattie.


Doris Molson was Dad's third cousin on her mother (Dawson)'s side, she is also related through her father to the Tadoussac Smiths!



This page is about Thomas Frye Lewis Evans, my grandfather.