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Dean Lewis Evans

May Bethune and Emily Bethune

The Evans family is in the middle of the Family Tree. Dean Lewis Evans married twice, and his wives were second cousins.

May Bethune is the mother of Trevor Evans 1879-1938, who married Dorothy Rhodes 1892-1977, parents of Phoebe, Ainslie, Trevor and Tim. 

After May died Lewis Evans Sr married Emily Bethune, 20 years younger, and they surprised everyone with another Lewis Evans 1911-1988 (my father). When he was born his mother Emily was 45, father Lewis Evans was 65! Dad's half-brothers were a generation older, he even had a half-nephew who was older than he was.



Family Tree
Evans Bethune Crooks Ewart Price Molson Carrington-Smith and others

A famous name on the tree is Norman Bethune, Canadian physician and medical innovator. He is best known for his service in war time medical units during the Spanish Civil War and with the Communist Eighth Route Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

When Lewis Evans married Betty Morewood in 1944 it was the second Evans-Rhodes marriage. 25 years earlier his half-brother Trevor had married Dorothy Rhodes, who was first cousin to Betty's mother Carrie Rhodes Morewood!

Got it?

Emily Bethune's mother was  a Ewart, and her grandmother was a Crooks. 


One relative is John Price (not related to the other Quebec/Tadoussac Prices), Dad's second cousin, who came to Canada from Scotland to go to medical school at McGill in the 1950's, and he often stayed with us in Tadoussac. He married Nancy Beattie.


Doris Molson was Dad's third cousin on her mother (Dawson)'s side, she is also related through her father to the Tadoussac Smiths! (so you'll know if anyone asks)

1902 EvansGrouponPorch.jpg

Lewis Evans Family, in 1900 and 1918, in Tadoussac

Lewis Evans's first wife died in 1903 so say the year is 1900

ABOVE left to right

Muriel     1877-1952 (23)

Ruby       1885-1947 (15)

Trevor     1879-1938 (21 very dapper)

May        1848-1903 (52)

Basil       1874-1958 (26) (is he a train conductor?)

Lewis Evans 1846-1919 (54)

unknown girl

2 unknown dogs

Lewis Evans died in 1919 so say the year is 1918

BELOW left to right

Basil             1874-1958 (44) 

Emily            1866-1947 (52) (same age as May in other photo!)

Kae Evans     1909-2001 (9)

Lewis Evans  1846-1919 (72)

Miles Hudspeth 1908-2005 (10)

Trevor            1879-1938 (39)

Muriel             1877-1952 (41)

Lewis Evans  1911-1988 (7)

Where's Ruby?

1 unknown dog

1917 EvansGrouponPorch.jpg
2Rev Evans.jpg
2Canon Evans.jpg

My grandfather Lewis Evans was born in 1846! He graduated from university in Confederation year 1867, and in 1873 he became rector at St Stephen's Church in Westmount, Montreal, where he remained for 46 years, living in the Rectory  behind the church. He got married in 1873, and in 1884 he became minister at the Tadoussac Protestant Chapel (35 years).

Photos above  by William Notman, from the McCord Museum website.

2Weredale Mtl.JPG

St Stephen Church, Westmount, Montreal

1910 StStephens_edited.jpg
St Stephen today.jpeg
2Dean Evans.jpg

I have a cigar box

Presented to The Very Reverend Lewis Evans DD DCE

Dean of Montreal

By a few of his old parishioners as a slight token of their esteem and affection for him on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of his appointment as Rector of

Saint Stephens Church

2nd November     1873     1913


Dean Lewis Evans in Montreal, and his second wife Emily with their son Lewis Evans, circa 1912

1910 Dean in Mtl.jpg
1911 Emily&RLE.jpg

"The Cottage" ~1915 and 100+ years later

1910 TheCottage.jpg
The Cottage today.jpeg

Tadoussac Tennis (& Croquet) Club, that's Emily Evans on the right ~1915, and 100+ years later!

1913 TennisClub LoisaBurns,MarionBethune,MayDawson,EmilyEvans.jpg
TennisClub today.jpeg

Cap à Jack 10 miles up the Saguenay, built ~ 1910 and demolished in the 1930's

Lots more photos on the CAP À JACK page

1915 Minota.jpg
1913 DeanFishing.jpg

Biography of Dean Lewis Evans in the Bios Section

Emily Evans with with her son Lewis Evans and Kae Evans.

Lewis Evans has his own page...

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