R Lewis Evans 1911-1988

               & Betty Morewood 1922-1993

Robert Lewis Evans is my father, these photos came from old family albums, many that he put together himself. Eventually I'll have to give equal time to Mum!


Circa 1905 Tadoussac

Dad's family before he was born, Dean Lewis Evans (sitting), his first wife May, his 3 children Basil, Trevor (with pipe) and Muriel.



Born in 1911, RLE held by his nephew Miles who was older than he was.


RLE with his mother, Emily (Bethune) Evans

RLE at Cap a Jack with his Dad

Doris Molson and RLE on the beach in Tadoussac

Dean Lewis Evans and his (second) family

Miles Hudspeth and RLE on the beach in Tadoussac

RLE with half-brothers Basil and Trevor Evans, about 1914

RLE with half-brother Trevor Evans, about 1916

RLE with friend Ralph Collyer

Dad always loved this photo, with his friend Marjorique sailing a model of a lower-St Lawrence Yawl. 

Later he owned a boat almost exactly like this one, called the Bonne Chance. There he is, sailing with the dog Fancy.

RLE and his dog at the cottage in Tadoussac

RLE with his mother, and in a photo by Notman

Above, RLE with his half-brothers Basil and Trevor, and father Dean Lewis Evans (Dean of Montreal),  at the cottage in Tadoussac.


At right on the same day,

mother Emily, Kae, Miles and Muriel have joined in.

St Stephen's Rectory in Montreal

RLE beside Ann Dewart at Cap a Jack

RLE worked at a camp at Bon Echo,

lots of sailing and building props

circa 1930 RLE combining his interest in boats and stage sets!

Lots of boats!

The raft above wouldn't work in the Saguenay, probably above the dam at Moulin Baude, with Harry Dawson, cousin

No complaints! 

RLE on a BOAT with 7 girls


Below with the older crowd, tea at Pte a la Croix!

Camping at Petit Bergeronnes above,

and at Cape Eternity, probably by rowing in a nor-shore canoe

Late 1930's, RLE bought a small schooner built in Tancook Island, Nova Scotia, called it the Noroua


Betty Morewood age about 16? on the Saguenay. It looks like Trevor Evans and Bill Morewood in the canoe. This photo was in RLE's photo album from the late 1930's, he married Betty in 1944.

The Tadoussac gang on the wharf circa 1939, l to r

(Mickey) Ainslie Evans (Stephen), Mary Fowler, Marion Strong, Bill Morewood, Barbara Hampson (Alexander/Campbell),  Jim Alexander (sitting), Teddy Price, Mary Hampson (Price), Evan Price, Jim Warburton, Jack Wallace, John Turcot

RLE taught at Bishop's College School from 1933-1972.

Above the only time I've ever seen him on skates much less in hockey gear. Notables include Graham Patriquin, Headmaster Grier, Oggy Glass, and RLE on the right.

Mid-1930's, RLE is the coach, and on the team is EM Fisher, son of Evelyn (Meredith) Fisher, she is widow of Jim Williams (died in WW1, see his page). EM Fisher died in 2012. Small world in those days, they were probably aware of the Tadoussac connection.

RLE was a keen skier, coached the ski team at BCS.

He broke his right arm badly in the 1930's, and this restricted movement meant he couldn't hold a gun properly (or salute) and it prevented him from serving in WW2.

I didn't know about the cool car RLE owned until I went through these albums! He took it to Tadoussac in the winter in the 1939, left, "on the road between Cap a L'Aigle and St Simeon".

Above on a sketchy ferry near Portneuf.

Left in front of the Prep school at BCS.

Below RLE teaching a class!

RLE did this drawing of the Noroua and sent it to his future in-laws, the Morewoods, for a Christmas card - what could anyone want more than a picture of his boat!







Betty (Morewood) Evans

and R Lewis Evans

on the beach in Tadoussac


circa 1945?

married but before kids?







1951 - the Noroua and the Bonne Chance together briefly at the wharf in Tadoussac. The Noroua was sold to someone in Ottawa, shown below on the delivery trip up the river, with John Price one of the crew.

(Note I was born on July 4 1951 so I was probably a week or 2 old at this time! I made it to Tadoussac at the end of July, so I'm told)

Mum and Dad in 1961

Us kids on a trip to Tad about 1963   Lewis, Tom, Alan, Anne.



The family in 1975 

Back - Lew & Cathy, Alan, Heather, Tom and Rocky

Front - Anne, Pauline Belton, Dad & Mum, Ian

Kids - Carrie and Ian Belton

Lewis Evans at his desk in the Common Room at BCS


and directing a play



and all summer on the Saguenay



Wedding of Tom and Heather 1976

Gord, Wilf, Heather, Joan, Gail (all Smiths)

Heather, Hank Law, Tom, Suzanne Skolnick

Mum, Dad, Alan, Anne, Cathy

Kids - Ian and Carrie Belton

about 1987 in Tadoussac

Mum & Dad, Heather and I, and our kids Julia and Sarah

R Lewis Evans died in 1988 at the age of 78.


This biography is quite random, driven by the photographs that are available. Thus there's a lot missing, and many photos of boats! To be continued...