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Other Wildlife

This page goes from the largest mammal in the world to some of the smallest creatures we can see - there is beauty in all!

Blue Whales - they are in the St Lawrence every year, but not seen everyday. On this trip we were lucky to have 2 swim right past us.

Humpback Whales often show their tails when diving, individuals are identified by the white patches on the tail. Their faces are often covered in barnacles - see the bumps...

Minke - these smaller whales are seen almost daily in the bay. This one was rolling around so we can see his belly.

Mule Deer - this is a rare sight - the only one I have ever seen in Tadoussac.

Another rare sighting was the Snowshoe Hare - he is changing from winter white to the summer brown in this picture... note how big the back feet are.

A nuisance for most of us are the Red Squirrels, they are everywhere, including in our attics! This one was moving her babies from a tree to under our house!

Squirrels are a nuisance but everyone loves the Chipmunks. The one on the right is storing up for winter!

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