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Frank Morewood (1886-1949) and Carrie Rhodes (1881-1973) are both grandchildren of William Rhodes, who built the first Brynhyfryd in Tadoussac in 1860. They both spent summers in Tadoussac with the Rhodes family, in the photo (~1891) below Carrie is 3rd from right, Frank asleep on the right. Frank's family lived at Benmore in Quebec, and Carrie's family lived in Pennsylvania. They married in 1920 and had two children Betty (1922-1993) and Bill (1924-20??), and lived in Bryn Mawr and Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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Frank was an architect and designed a house to be built in Tadoussac in 1936. ​The location was just east of Brynhyfryd and the Barn, on land that had previously been part of "Dwight Park".


The stone entrance which still exists had a wrought iron gate with the name Dwight Park, the gate is in the Molson Museum barns near the lake. Johnathan Dwight died in 1911, and the plaque below sits beside the house. His widow apparently offered the park to the village of Tadoussac, but they refused, so she sold lots to cottagers.


In a letter written by Lilybell Rhodes in 1939, there was an interesting note:

...and Mrs. (Johnathan) Dwight were the Tad people present. Mrs. Dwight came up and spoke to me. I would not have known her. She looks so much older (as do we all know doubt). She looked very handsome, but stern and said "you know Frank Morewood has built a house on a bit of my land that he does not yet own".

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The photo below shows the bank below the proposed site for the house, just before it was built. The Barn can be seen at upper left. Everyone told the Morewoods they were crazy to build there. Today, 86 years later, the house is 35' from the edge of the bank. The view is terrific.

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The wood arrived on a goélette. The interior of the cottage will be BC Fir.

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Painting below by Tom Evans

Bundles of cedar shingles  for the roof, which lasted over 80 years

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right, Carrie Rhodes Morewood

below, Frank's mother Minnie Rhodes Morewood

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1936 WWinside.jpg
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Bill Morewood, Ainslie Evans Stephen (hiding), Billy Morewood, Jean Alexander Alan-Parker, Betty Morewood Evans, boys probably Jim Williams and Parkers, Joan Williams Ballantyne, Susan Williams Webster

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Watercolour by Frank Morewood

below Anne and Lewis Evanswith grandfather Frank

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Frank Morewood died in 1949, and the house was passed on to Betty and Lewis Evans for one dollar. 

We still have the dollar.

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In 1961 we had an 80th birthday party for Carrie, shown below with Dorothy Rhodes Evans and Anne Evans Belton. 

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Circa 1962 we visited Tadoussac at New Year's, at right Lew, Tom, Alan, Anne

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Christmas Card

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Sometimes the shutters were different colours

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In 1979 two grandchildren had arrived and more were coming, so Betty and Lew built "the Wing", a bedroom and bathroom without all the noise! 

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Minke Whale by Tom Evans, only appears in the winter!

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