Tadoussac Biographies

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Alexander, James Okeden

Barnston, George

Burns, Louisa Jane

A Deeper Mystery. We need help with this one!

Campbell, Robert Peel

Carington Smith, Arthur

Carington Smith, Charles & Aileen

Carington Smith, Constance Isobel (Price)

Carington Smith, Edmund Harcourt

Carington Smith, George

Carington Smith, George Herbert

Carington Smith, George Noel

Carington Smith, Gordon

Carington Smith, Herbert

Carington Smith, Lex

Carington Smith, Mary Isabelle (Atkinson)

Carington Smith, Robert Guy

Carington Smith, Robert Harcourt

Carrington Smith, Jean Alexandra (McCaig)

Cid, Pierre & Famille

Dale, Henry

We just have a start here. We need more information.

Dawson, May

Dewart, Russell and Ann (Stevenson)

Dobson, Marion Sarah (Smith)

Evans, Cyril Lewis

Evans, Lewis and Betty (Morewood)

Evans, Maria Stewart

Dean Evans's first wife, but what else can we find??

Evans, Thomas Frye Lewis

Evans, Trevor Ainslie & Dorothy (Rhodes)

Glassco, Willa (Price)

Goodings, Allen

Humphrys, Phyllis Frances

Died in 1974 so someone must remember her. Please let me know!

Languedoc, Adele

Languedoc, Erie (Janes) & George de Guerry

Lemesurier Smith, Amelia Jane

McCarter, Douglas

Molson, Colin John (Jack) Grasset

Molson, Doris Amelia (Carington Smith)

Morewood, Frank & Carrie (Rhodes)

Morewood, Gertrude Isobel

Palmer, Noeline (Pixie) Winnifred Smith

Piddington, Alfred

Powel, Robert Hare

Powel Family who built the Bailey house


Radford, Joseph

Ransom, Howard Henry

Basics only. Any information would be helpful!

Rhodes, Army & Phebe Ida (Alleman) & Catherine (Katie) (von Iffland)

Rhodes, Col. William and Ann (Dunn)

Rhodes, Lily Bell

Rhodes, Monica

Russell, Mary Frances

Russell, Thomas Kendall

Need information

Russell, William Edward & Fanny Eliza (Pope)

Russell, Willis & Rebecca Page (Sanborn)

Russell, Willis Robert

Scott, Frances Grace

Scott, Mabel Emily (Russell)

Skutezky, Ernie & Phoebe (Evans)

Stairs, Dennis & Sue

Stevenson, Florence Louisa Maude "Nonie" (Russell) & Dr James

Turcot, Percy & Marjorie (Webb)

Turcot, Peter Alfred

Urquhart, Alexander

One of our first summer residents!

Wallace, Jack & Mary (Williams)

Bios in the works...I hope!

Watt, Frances McIntosh

No information. Does anyone know anything about this?

Whitley, Jessie Margaret

Williams, Caroline Anne (Rhodes)