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Armitage Rhodes 1848-1909

Armitage (Army) Rhodes is the oldest of 9 children of Col William Rhodes and Anne Catherine Dunn.

His daughter from his first marriage, Dorothy (Dorsh) Rhodes married Trevor Evans (half brother to my father, Lewis Evans). So Army is grandfather to Phoebe, Ainslie, Trevor and Tim.

Brothers Francis and Army, returning from a shooting trip in Tadoussac with the Terriens.

1895 - Army with his children Dorothy and Charlie

1905 at Benmore

Army Rhodes

About 1907-8 with daughters Monica and Dorothy

About 1905 on the Terrien Yacht on the Saguenay - back - Frank Morewood, Bob Campbell (who is he?), Bobby Morewood, his mother Minnie Morewood, Kate VanIffland second wife of Army. Middle - Sidney Williams and Billy Morewood, Nan Rhodes Williams and Lennox Williams. Front - Charlie Rhodes, ?, Nancy Morewood and Mary Williams Wallace.

Note! 3 young people in the front row have cameras! If you have photos like these please let me know!

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