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Price, Helen Florence


Helen Florence Price 1902-1981

Helen was born in Quebec in 1902, the eldest daughter of Henry Edward Price and Helen Gilmour. She spent her many summers in Tadoussac, growing up with ten younger siblings and at many times looking out for them. Helen had an active and outgoing life and kept up on all news of the family. She lived in Toronto where facing the hardships of the Great Depression, she worked and for some years served as the Matron for the Junior school at Upper Canada College.
In her later years in Tadoussac, she often stayed with her good friend Grace Scott. She had many nieces and nephews, some of whom knew her well, remembering her appearing in pantaloons and black stockings. For one of her nieces, she was there to drive her to the hospital to have her baby. For another, Aunt Helen made the arrangements for her niece and her husband to spend their honeymoon in Tadoussac during the month of April. She was always interested in others, very generous and wanting to help whenever possible.
Aunt Helen would never be forgotten by those who knew her.

Greville Price

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