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Rhodes, Army & Phebe Ida (Alleman) & Catherine (Katie) (von Iffland)


Armitage Rhodes – 1848 – 1909 Phebe Ida Alleman 1854 - 1893

Armitage Rhodes was born September 02, 1848 at Benmore (Sillery) Quebec, the eldest son of Col. William Rhodes and Anne Catherine Dunn. He died in 1909. A Civil Engineer, (a founding member of the Society of Engineers of Quebec), he was educated at Bishop’s College School and in Philadelphia, U.S.A. He enjoyed camping, hunting, boating, and fishing. As a young man, he sang in the choir of the Tadoussac chapel.
His first wife was Phebe Ida Alleman who was born in Pennsylvania in June 1854, the daughter of Frederick O. Alleman and Mary B. Alleman (born Ogelsby). Their children were Mathew Charle Kingsley Rhodes (adopted) and his daughter Dorothy Gwendolyn Esther Rhodes who was born in 1892. Ida was a prolific amateur painter. Several of her oil portraits, sea and landscapes survive to this day in family hands. She died June 05, 1893 in Sillery, Quebec at age 39.
Armitage subsequently married Catherine von Iffland and had children including Monica Rhodes, Armitage (Peter) Rhodes mother of Ann Hargreaves Cumyn.
Like his father William, Armitage was a prominent Quebec City businessman and served as President and Chairman of several companies including Quebec Warehousing Corporation, the Quebec Bridge Corporation, a director of the Union Bank and the Grand Trunk Railway. He served as president of the Royal Literary and Historical Society.
Armitage brought his family to the family cottage, Brynhyfryd, in Tadoussac, for many summers spent with the rest of the Rhodes family.
The memorial plaque in the chapel lists the names and dates of Armitage and his first wife, as well as his daughter, Dorothy, and her husband, Trevor.
Michael Skutezky

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